Sue’s Chocolate Fudge

Sues Chocolate Fudge

Now this is seriously my kind of fudge and it comes all the way from Jersey and is made by Sue, I presume, from Sue’s Fudge. This is the great thing about blogging and Twitter – you get to try chocolate goodies that you’d probably never have come across otherwise. But Sue got in contact with me after seeing me talk about another company’s fudge and decided to send me some – and I’m glad she did.

Sues Chocolate Fudge

So now I’ve got in front me a 200g of her chocolate fudge that costs £3.95 and contains about 17 pieces of fudge which are about 1cm x 1.5cm and utterly delicious. Often fudge can be too sticky and intense, but this fudge has a nice crystallised structure which allows for the moisture in your mouth to work alongside the fudge to create just the right amount of moisture which allows your mouth to focus on sending the wonderful chocolate flavours to your brain.

That chocolatiness is also subtle, but more direct focused on your taste buds. None of the flavour seems to be wasted; it all just hits the right receptors and gives a delightful sugar rush. What’s more the softness of the fudge lends itself to an almost instantly to the fudge disappearing – it certainly doesn’t hang around. The problem with this is that you’ll find yourself popping one piece after the other in your mouth. In a short while you will find yourself consuming half the packet and overcome with guilt. I had to tie up the bag and put what was left in the cupboard as I knew I’d be craving some as a mid-afternoon ‘pick-me-up’ whilst I work.

If you wanted some, nice, light fudge with a great homemade feel then you should certainly pop over to her website and get yourself some. I think this is the year to try out what the less well-known people in the world have to offer. And Sue’s fudge is certainly worth trying – you’ll love it! And if you’re lucky enough to live in Jersey (grrr!) pop along to Sue’s chocolate shop which you can find at 10 Conway Street, St Helier.

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