Subway Double Chocolate Cookies

Wishing for a bit of comfort food whilst I’m recovering from a bug I bought myself a nice sub from Subway and indulged in a cookie as part of the meal deal. I’m not sure what you think of them, but they’re not bad!

I couldn’t tell you how much it cost as I was in a flu-like haze, but I think it’s about 99p. The most important factors, however, are the taste and texture. Taste-wise it’s pretty damn good, nice and sweet with a fairly mild chocolate taste. But it was the texture that I found quite strange. The edges are very crisp whilst the inside was incredibly gooey – which was a delight. I just love cookies with varying textures.

I’m only going to give the Subway Double Chocolate Cookie a quick rating of 65% as its good but I much prefer the Fox’s Chocolate Fudge Crunch Biscuits and I’ve not had a McDonalds one recently so I’ll try and get one this weekend and see if they’re any better!

But what do you think of the Subway cookies?


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  • sarah

    How many calories?