Handmade Strawberry & Champagne Chocolate Truffles

Handmade Strawberry & Champagne Chocolate Truffles

Blow the diet, forget those tight fitting jeans, its Valentine’s Day – well almost! I’m a massive fan of fruity chocolate, champagne and soft truffles, so I can’t be on to anything but a winner with these Strawberry & Champagne Truffles by James.

James Handmade Strawberry & Champagne Chocolate Truffles Centre

The packaging continues James’ branding through eloquently and serve to display his fine handmade chocolate truffles off well. The window at the front just teases you like a brief flash of inner thigh – seductively bringing you closer to the sweet delights contained within. Of course I didn’t read the packaging, that’d be unwanted foreplay prior to the main event that I have craved ever since I received these truffles last week.

James Strawberry & Champagne Chocolate Truffles Texture

Inside a protective packet you’ll find eight irregular-shaped chocolate truffles which are made from puréed strawberry and Marc de Champagne and coated with white chocolate flakes and small pieces of the dried fruit. If that doesn’t make your mouth water then you need to check your pulse. Whatsmore, I just love the odd-shaped nature of these truffles and to me they generally signify a greater quality of ingredient and greater level of love than the perfectly spherical alternatives that grace the shelves of your local supermarket. These just look fantastic.

After you’ve been primed by their visual appearance, you’re brought along the sensual journey by the aroma which is sweet and delightfully intoxicating. As you bite in there’s an echoey crunch that reverberates around your mouth and releases more of the decadent aroma.

The texture is a textbook definition of creamy, soft and velvety – it’s like sliding naked into satin sheets with a glass of Champagne and bowl of strawberries. With a soft undertone of strawberry there is a strong, forceful but ultimately respectful splash of Champagne. It is the most dominate flavour but it doesn’t overpower the strawberry. There’s even a stronger presence of butter than I’ve noticed in other truffles which gives it a gorgeous richness that binds all the other flavours together incredibly well.

I know they’re not the zenith of artisan truffles as there is glucose syrup, but when you go out for a delightful Valentine’s dinner do you really care what every ingredient is? Or are you more concerned with having a fantastic, romantic experience? With these truffles you’ll just focus on the senses that matter, and you’ll thank you’re loved-one for getting these for you when you curl up after that Valentine’s meal and gently pop these into each other’s mouths. And if you’re worried about the calories – I’m sure you can think of ways to work them off!

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  • Taste: 80% – I absolutely adored the fructose sweetness with the intoxicating Champagne – delicious
  • Texture: 95% – so soft it almost had no resistance, more velvety than grandma’s curtains and sensuous than any lover.
  • Appearance: 80% – the packaging does underplay the seductive contents, but the was consistent
  • Nutritional Information: 80% – everything you need is there.
  • Price: 85% – an excellent price
  • Overall: 84% – I’ve still got my clothes on (just)

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