Stainer Peperoncino Scotch Bonnet Con Rum

Stainer Peperoncino Scotch Bonnet Con Rum

In one of my fairly frequent mad chocolate buying fits I ended up with this Scotch Bonnet with Rum bars of 70% chocolate. Having tried some, waited for a while, come back to it and I’ve realised it’s like those surreal Britain’s Got Talent acts that is so bad it’s good.

As observant as ever I didn’t even see the “rum” bit on the packaging, and whilst trying it for the first time I kept thinking it tasted like poor quality children’s chocolate – you know the stuff that hardly tastes of chocolate at all. But noticing that it does contain rum I now understand why the true taste of chocolate didn’t come through but exhibited some mute, placed flavour.

When you get past that, you’ll notice a volcano building up in your mouth which erupts with absolute ferocity. It’s strong. It hits the back of your throat and actually made me feel nauseous, just like the World’s Hottest Chocolate Bar did. If you can close your mind to that then you’ll notice the ‘rum’ flavour. Now every rum cake I’ve tried; from both Bermuda and the Bahamas doesn’t actually taste like the rum you’ll get in those countries, but some faux alcoholic beverage. And this bar has that unreal rum flavour to it as well.

But there’s part of me that loves it. But I imagine that I could only cope with the odd square and certainly couldn’t consume the entire 50g bar. If you did want to get some, you can from Chocolates De Luxe for about 3.60€. With my sensible head I’d only give it a 50% though.

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