Soma Chocolate Dancing In Your Head

Soma Dancing in your head

The splendiferous Judith bought this bar back from one of her trips back home to Canada last year, and although it didn’t rock my world as much as her’s, I’m still grateful for her giving me the opportunity to review it. The thing is, I don’t normally get on well with blended chocolate such as the recently Charles Chocolatier bar and generally don’t get on so well with chocolate made with West African cocoa as this bar includes.  The thing is, it also includes Ocumare beans from Ecuador (I thought it was Venezuela but the packaging says different) which is used in so many of my favourite bars as well as beans Elvesia beans from Dominican Republic and beans from the wonderful Sambirano Valley in Madagascar. To me that’s like forming an orchestra combining Slash, Laura Marling, Fats Domino and Elgar – it’d take a genius to make that work

Thankfully the Ghanaian beans are from the Kuapo Kokoo co-operative that supplies good quality beans to Divine. But even though many seasoned chocolate lovers wouldn’t call them fine chocolate beans. However, the bar itself is still very enjoyable. The aroma may be a touch dry and fig-like and misses out on the kind of scent that would really draw me in and start saliva production before I’ve even broken a piece off, but it certainly has a touch of character.

The flavour too wasn’t powerful as I expected it to be. Instead there were some sharp notes of red berries but they were temporary. Thankfully they were supported by a base layer of under-ripe banana which I found pleasant. Along with that was some nice hazelnut tones which gave it an added dimension.

I must admit that the texture was absolutely superb. It melted quickly and transported those flavours around the mouth with ease. The only problem is that I couldn’t really enjoy the bar so much as others because there was so little of the chocolate to enjoy and I was always conscious of running out before completing the review. I’m an atypical review in that I like to take more chocolate in when I review to get a more powerful hit of the flavour; here I had to keep to small slivers.  My advice to you, if you’re lucky enough to get some, is to bite some off, gently chew it for about two seconds and then push it to the front of your mouth and let it settle. That way you’ll get more flavour for your money.

Despite being a blended bar, with such contrasting cocoa personalities it actually works quite well – just like peanut butter, banana and bacon sandwiches – they don’t sound so great combined, but just wait till you try one. And that’s what you should do with this bar. But the ‘blended’ nature behind you and just focus on the flavour and you might give it a rating of 81%, or thereabouts too.

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  • Think you might have sold me on the bar, but not on the peanut butter, banana and bacon sandwich idea!