Solstice Chocolate 70% Sambirano

Solstice 70% Sambirano

This is a chocolate that came back to me like a flash. I had opened it before Christmas whilst I was stressed packing orders and sending out people’s Christmas presents. It’s one that I absolutely adored then, and I’ve certainly not changed my mind now. In fact I’ve got hardly of the 71g of chocolate I started with. I really must have liked it. The chocolate I’m talking about is Scott’s Solstice Chocolate out of Salt Lake City, Utah.

A close up - some pitting

Sambirano seems to be the ubiquitous source of cocoa. As a chocolate lover I like to always try new and obscure origins, but as a chocolate reviewer having a frequently used origin/region allows one to compare the mastery of the chocolate maker, albeit understanding there’ll be different harvests and possibly different fermentation and drying processes available. But putting all that ‘analysis’ to the back of my mind, and just focusing on the inherent quality and flavour profile then it really is a beautiful bar of chocolate.

Of course there are the typical red fruits – a basic flavour profile you’ve probably heard a million times before, but here it’s very clean and precise. And very close on the heels there’s a wonderful thick-cut marmalade tone – with butter of course. The creaminess it provides balances well. There’s nothing overt, striking or direct – just a variety of soft fruit that lingers longer than the Star Wars end credits. 

The texture offers some decent resistance, without being brittle. I stupidly let it open to the air for the past month, but its visual appearance and texture seem unblemished by my ignorance.

After a couple of weeks off ‘proper’ chocolate I am very much glad I started where I had left off. As I take bite after bite the orange flavours build up. A slight hint of cloves at the very, slighted degree comes through.

Alas I open the Pump Street Bakery-like packet and realise that all it contains is fresh air and crumbs.  I will just have to console myself with the fact that I have Scott’s Palo Blancos and San Martin to try next week. Then I will have full bars and a greater opportunity to wax lyrical, rather than the two, solitary, squares I had to conduct this review.


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