The Chocolate Society Chocolate Covered Ginger

Along with my Mast Brothers order the other day, Al from The Chocolate Society kindly dropped in a bag of these dark chocolate covered ginger slices – with the chocolate being fine Valrhona couverture and the ginger hailing from Australia. I’m sure he knew I just love candied ginger as these are an absolutely perfect Christmas gift for me (nudge, nudge, wink, wink, say no more). So how do they fair?

Of course I love them. The constituent parts are of superb quality and put together well. They’ve been sat in my chocolate room for the past week and have been reducing in quantity ever since – it would have been a perfect time-lapse photography experiment. I think I started with fifteen and am now down to the solitary one. Each had a great crunch as my teeth past the smooth chocolate coating into the crisp and sugar golden centre.

The flavour isn’t as aggressively ‘ginger’ as many other I’ve tried, instead it seems to be more balanced, perhaps 75% of the ginger flavour and 25% of the dark chocolate – which comes through at the very end, somewhat like a slap and then a tickle in a confectionery sense.

But what of the price? At £8.25 I do think it’s worth it as they are delicious. I know with other candied ginger or the chocolate coated variety I could easily finish off the whole box within an hour. But when it’s of this sort of quality then I’d be more inclined to savour them and have one a day as a pick-me-up.

  • 80% – very much my thing.


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