Sobo Chocolate Cookies

Update:07/12/2011 – we can’t seem to get their website to work, and they have tweeted for over a year so you might not be able to get these cookies any more?

I hadn’t heard of Sobo Chocolate until Sobo began following me on Twitter. On further investigation, I found that they had just won a contract to supply Harvey Nicks with their chocolate treats, which range from chocolate brownies and truffles to hazelnut spread… I promptly got in touch.

Sobo Chocolate Cookies and Brownies

When I recieved my eagerly awaited and kindly hand delivered package, I expected lots of tissue paper, cellophane and sexy looking bitter chocolate. I couldn’t have been more wrong. The products were perfectly but simply packaged. The Harvey Nicholls link had obviously thrown me off the scent.

My Sobo cookies were unevenly decorated and rustically shaped. These chocolate treats were all about character and old fashioned goodness, not image.

When I took a bite of the beautiful saucer sized cookies I was taken back twenty years. These were no nonsense simple treats, just the way your nan would make them. You could almost taste the eggs, butter, sugar and flour used to create them – ingredients usually disguised by the multitude of additives, flavours and extras used to enhance or beautify the product.

The cookies came in two varieties:

1) milk chocolate and hazelnut

Sobo Cookies Milk Chocolate And Hazelnut

2) triple chocolate.

Sobo triple chocolate cookies

The chocolate chips used in both are flavoursome Belgian chocolate. However the hazelnuts that accompany the chocolate chips in the first variety make for the perfect combination. This cookie is certainly special and exactly what the perfect cookie should be. It’s wholesome, flavoursome and nutty. It’s texture was the perfect moist medium, neither crumbly nor chewy, with the sweet chocolate chips perfectly enhancing the experience.

The triple chocolate cookie is good but doesn’t make the same grade. I found it a little too sweet and the texture granular, you could almost crunch on the coarsely granulated sugar used to produce it. For some this may be part of the charm but personally for me the milk chocolate and hazelnut cookie was the winner.

Sobo Cookies – Hazelnut and Chocolate Chip
  • Taste: 90% – The perfect blend of vanilla, Belgian chocolate and macadamia nuts
  • Texture: 92% – The perfect moist medium neither chewy nor crumbly.
  • Appearance: 75% – Rustic unevenly shaped, laced with icing, simply but perfectly packaged.
  • Nutritional Information: n/a
  • Price: 65% – £1.45 – £1.75 per cookie or £5 for a box of four.
  • Overall: 80.49%
Sobo Cookies – Double Chocolate Rating
  • Taste: 58% – tasty but a little on the sweet side for my liking
  • Appearance: 80% – Look good both inside and outside of the box
  • Nutritional Information: n/a
  • Price: 65% – £1.45 – £1.75 per cookie or £5 for a box of four.
  • Overall: 68.25%
Where To Buy The Sobo Chocolate Cookies
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