Hotel Chocolat The Sleekster Love Collection

Hotel Chocolat Love Sleekster Box

Wow! I received a box of Valentine’s chocolates from Hotel Chocolat today. As they looked so amazing, and I haven’t tried any of their chocolates for a while I just couldn’t wait any longer to review them. I got to try their Clocktail Sleekster last summer and they were just fab, but these are [insert swearword] awesome – but in a different way than you’d expect from fine chocolate makers. These chocolates are wonderfully original.

Hotel Chocolat logo on the Love Sleekster

I was just looking at their Easter range and thinking that many were the same as last year which was dissapointing. And not knowing much about the Love Sleekster I thought many were going to be the same as the huge Chocolatier’s Table I reviewed before. Thankfully virtually all of them are new to me, and possibly new to you too?

Inside the Hotel Chocolate Love Sleekster Valetine's Chocolate Selection Box

There are two things I love about the Love Sleekster is that there’s fifteen different chocolates and that there’s thirty in total – obviously one for you, and one for your loved one (like that’ll happen!).

Pistachio Praline

The first I treid was the Pistachio Praline which had a fantastically sweet taste to it with a filling that just managed to morph around your mouth as it was so soft and light, whilst the milk chocolate casing nicely sweet without distracting from the taste of the pistachio.

Cafe Latte

The next was the Cafe Latte which is a hazelnut praline with cofee flavours in a dark chocolate shell. This one was so good that I ate it all in one go and I can’t really remember the tastes.

Champagne Heart Valentine's Chocolate

I then tried the Champagne Heart which was also fantastic! It had a dark chocolate ganache and a crispy white chocolate heart case. The solidity of the outside with the deep, rich centre made it a delight to try – watch out for the very strong Champagne flavour as you’re exposed to the riot of flavours.

Raspberry and Prosecco Chocolates

The Raspberry and Prosecco chocolates are wonderfully uplifting and zippy. They taste like the joyous emotion you get from a bouncing labrodor puppy playing in the sun. Simply a delight.

Coconut Carress Hotel Chocolat

Ooooh I loved this one! It just reminded me of cookie dough. I’m fixated on cookie dough (and Rocky Road). It’s supposed to taste of coconut, it didn’t for me. There was a hint of coconut aroma, but the macadamia flavour was the most prominent thing here. Sensational.

I also reviewed the Billionaire Shortbread chocolate which looked very much like the Zest one which was very different – very fruity and delicious, but the Billionaire Shortbread had a very strong hazelnut flavour, which wasn’t my favourite.

The Ameretto D’amour chocolate blew my head off. It was very alcoholic, strong and punchy. Phew! I thik it was because all of the filling came away when I bit into it and only managed to get half of the shell. There are some others, but I’ll leave them to your imagination.

I might catch up with the rest tomorrow. But yikes, this Valentine’s Selection Box is absolutely fantastic value at £19.50

  • Taste: 85% – They tasted fantastic and had a great variety of flavours. Occasionally the alcoholic ones were a bit too strong – but everyone’s different.
  • Texture: 75% – beautifully soft, crunchy and smooth
  • Appearance: 85% – an excellent design for the packaging and wonderful looking chocolates.
  • Nutritional Information: 75% – its Valentine’s day (well it will be) you shouldn’t be worried. But if you do have dietary requirements, you’re catered for.
  • Price: 90% – I think they’re outstanding value.
  • Overall: 82% – well worth getting your loved one if you wanted to spend a bit and get them some fantastic Valentine’s Day chocolates


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