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Anything that is made of chocolate and can sit next to my keyboard for me to reach for between paragraphs whilst I work is sure to be a winner with me.  Take Bill’s dark drinking chocolate beads; although you’re meant to mix with hot milk and drink, they were fabulous to consume them straight from the tin. And these chocolate ‘marbles’ are just as moreish.

They’re actually designed to be red, white and blue to tie in with the Jubilee and London Olympics which will come to define summer 2012 in this country. Of course it’s difficult to produce blue with natural ingredients, especially when using white chocolate as a base; however Bill and his team have done a great job. The red marbles are created with 100% natural strawberry, whilst the white uses vanilla along with white chocolate to produce both an interesting flavour and exacting colour. The blue is close to a green, although I am colour blind and is made with a noticeable black current flavour.

The strawberry marble definitely does offer that summer fruit flavour, it’s certainly noticeable, but only just rises above the white chocolate. In itself it’s well-balanced and works well with the crunch contained within. Typically when strawberry is combined with chocolate it’s too sweet, intense and faux tasting, but here it’s clear, precise and natural tasting.

I’m not a huge fan of vanilla so I found the white one a bit too sweet. Perhaps it’s because I’ve consumed half the bag already, but it was too much for me. I know that there’ll be many millions of people sat in front of the TV watching the Queen float down the Thames or any British athlete the Olympics, who will love these, but I’d be passing them on to my wife.

Instead, I’d be ring-fencing the blue blackcurrant ones. This is a flavour I’m naturally keen on, but here there’s none of the natural acidity, that has been replaced with the sweet white chocolate and is just as perfectly balanced as the strawberry marbles.

The question is, should you get them now and munch away whilst watching your favourite soap? Probably. Would I suggest that you keep an eye out for when they’re available to buy? Most definitely.

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