Sir Hans Sloane Christmas Chocolates

Sir Hans Sloane Chocolate Christmas TreeAs I continue my search around the chocolate world for interesting chocolates which are drool-inducing but I haven’t tried yet, I’ve come across the Christmas chocolates from Bill McCarrick’s Sir Hans Sloane chocolate shop. The thing is that there’s not just the one thing of I’d love to try in his Christmas chocolates section, but all of them! I know that’s not much when he only sells four Christmas chocolate gifts, but it’s a quality of quantity thing.

First off there’s the Sloane Street Christmas tree (pictured) which may set you back £24.50 but it is hand-crafted with a massive selection of chocolate treats adorning the tree. I don’t know how long it’d take you to get through, but I’m sure I could do it in an afternoon! It looks utterly delicious!

If you’ve got a real Christmas tree this year then you might like to get some chocolate Christmas tree decorations? Hotel Chocolat may do some, and although they look cute, these ones from Sir Hans Sloane look fantastically solid and at £8.50 I’m sure you’ll get your money’s worth. What I don’t know is if they’re solid and how much they weigh. But the look of them you’d need a sturdy Christmas tree!

You can also get some chocolate snowflakes in both dark and milk varieties. For £9.50 you’ll get a box of six so I wouldn’t expect them to be too big, but they do look nice and simple and may be a good idea if you’re looking for a minimalist look this Christmas.

But will I buy these Christmas chocolate goodies? Well no, as I have no say, what-so-ever, in the Christmas decorations in our house :-( I’ll just imagine the tree is adorned with chocolate and not normal baubles!

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