Shibui Chocolate & Ginger Tea


Shibui Chocolate & Ginger TeaBreakfast tea is boring. For generations there’s been a wide variety of interesting tea leaves available to us but we, as a nation, crave the same type of morning cuppa. For a while I’ve been extending my collection of herbal and flavoured teas, I’ve even devoted a kitchen cupboard to them – much to the disgust of my wife. It’s just that there’s something special about having different flavours of tea to drink. We don’t have the same lunch every day (unless you’re a two year old), so why should we stick to the same drink?

The tea bag

Two of my favourite foods are ginger and chocolate, so to have the option to have a drink that offers them up in a different form is something to be pleased about. I’ve let this Shibui tea bag ‘stew’ for a few minutes now and the first, small, sip knocked me back with flavour. Not only is there a good, solid dose of the typical ginger flavours that you would expect, but there’s a sharpness just at the tip of the tongue that should jolt you out of any form of malaise you may be suffering. I knew this wasn’t ginger, it just didn’t taste of it, but then looking at their website it became evident that it was, in actual fact, liquorice root (another of my favourite foods).


It may not be 100% accurate to call this a ‘chocolate’ tea as it simply uses ‘cocoa husk’ but the thought is there. That flavour certainly isn’t evident, and actually has no chance against those other two powerful flavours, but the husk element may be more used for the potential antioxidant benefit, and although some have castigated those who have tried to include it in chocolate bars, adding it to boiling water surely, this use of cocoa husks shouldn’t suffer the same zealous analysis.

Purely in terms of personal consumption I can certainly imagine brewing up a mug of this to get my creative juices flowing during the late afternoon when my brain typically freezes. Some may find the ginger over-powering, but my view is that if you require an invigorating beverage then it absolutely has to provide a decent dose of ginger.

The tube of 15 pyramids costs just £3.95 which I don’t feel is too bad, certainly for someone like me who randomly selects teas and rarely has the same two days running and that I always get about three or four mugs worth out of each tea bag.

Now, exploring their range and being a South African by birth, I just have to try their Blueberry Rooibos.

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