Seeds of Change Organic Apricot & Cashew Bar

I thought I’d try a different supermarket this week for my grocery shopping and knew that Sainsbury’s do have a very good selection of chocolate which most supermarkets don’t bother to carry. I only bought two bars this time as I’ve got a bit of a backlog and came out with the Seeds of Change Organic Apricot & Cashew Bar which only cost £1.94 and Chocolate Society bar.

I do like like to try chocolate that isn’t from the big manufacturers as you often find hidden gems. And this bar is almost in that category. I’m also very impressed with the fact that 1% of the sales of the Seeds Of Change chocolate goes to fund research and promotion of biodiversity and sustainable organic practices and also impressed with the taste.

The milk chocolate is meek and mild, unoffensive but still rich enough to impress. It may not be liberally laced with the apricots and cashews but this allows the organic milk chocolate to come to the fore without being overly compromised by other flavours. Whats more, the organic nature doesn’t come anywhere close to having a “farmyard” taste to it as the Divine chocolate can.

What the apricot pieces give is another form of sweetness and slight chewy texture, which, when combined with the crunch and dryness of the cashews offers another layer of enjoyment. I’ve got to admit I’ve not enjoyed organic chocolate this much for a long time. There may be a slight characteristic of milk powder to it, but to draw attention to this in other way than a passing comment would be unfair. This is a thoroughly enjoyable chocolate bar.

I also enjoyed the packaging and the information that they give on both sides of the wrapping. This bar is a must buy.


Taste: 90% – its sweet, and I usually prefer dark chocolate, but there’s so much texture and delight present that it would be churlish for me not to give it a good rating.

Texture: 85% – I loved the combination of the smooth chocolate, chewy apricot and crunchy cashew pieces.

Appearance: 75% – perhaps more could be done to make the chocolate bar itself more attractive but its not their raison d’être isn’t great looking chocolate, its wholesome chocolate.

Nutritional Information: 95% – they’ve got all the numbers you’ll need an background information to go with it. Great job.

Price: 90% – for £1.94 its superb value!

Overall: 87% – if you want to try something different and are in a Sainsbury’s supermarket then give it a go.

Nutritional Information:

Organic milk chocolate with apricot pieces (8.0%) and cashews (7.0%)

Raw cane sugar*, full cream milk powder*, cocoa butter*, cocoa mass*, apricot pieces*, cashews*, emulsifier (soya lecithin), vanilla extract*. (Traces: hazelnut, almond and other nuts). Milk chocolate contains milk solids 24% minimum and cocoa solids 35% minimum.
*Certified Organic

A three piece serving contains:
158 Calories – 7.9%
13.5g Sugar – 15.0%
9.8g Fat – 14.0%
5.2g Saturates – 26.0%
0.05g Salt – 0.8%

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