Schmerlings’ Rosemarie Cappuccino Swiss Milk Chocolate

I made the mistake of asking a very good Jewish friend of mine about Kosher chocolate and ended up getting a whole range of chocolate that I’ve never heard of before. The mistake was not learning about Kosher or Cholov Yisroel chocolate, but more of trying chocolate that just isn’t all that great – and he’d be the first to admit it too! Basically according to halachic law milk is kosher if it comes from certain breads of animals (I don’t think the buffalo milk bar I’m going to review soon will be kosher), whilst Cholov Yisroel chocolate is made with dairy products produced under supervision of a Rabbi and not mixed between species (goat, cow, sheep, etc.). I doubt that, in itself, it would be any different to ‘normal’ chocolate, other than the supervision aspect, but I really didn’t like this bar of chocolate – in any way.

Firstly the visual appearance isn’t all that inspiring, and only the golden-embossed seal offered anything interesting on the front, whilst the reverse was informative, but a bit ‘dry’. The chocolate itself looked like the chocolate iPhone case I reviewed last summer – yes it looked like a chocolate coloured piece of rubber – and it tasted like it too.

The aroma was very milky and sweet whilst the flavour tasted loaded with sugar and had a fairly pungent coffee flavour – much like the chocolate Starbucks milkshake I had last week. To be honest, it was dreadful! Unappetising and I couldn’t put more than a block past my lips!

I’d have to give this a quick review of “avoid” – and it’s got to be a pretty bad bar to get that rating not even the other Jewish chocolate that I tried was that bad – the Alprose Swiss Milk Chocolate! If you’re a strict Jew and don’t have a choice then you may not have witnessed great bars from people such as Amedei, Pralus, Michel Cluizel and Valrhona so perhaps you don’t know how good they and have nothing to compare to, so to mock this bar would be unfair. It’d also be unfair to say that disobeying your religion for a bar of chocolate would be worth it, but some sacrifices I have to say, I would struggle with.

Lee McCoy

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