Schell Blanche Saffron Curry

A few months I bought a whole heap of chocolate from Germany. As is the normally the case when I buy from foreign websites I did the typically British thing and assumed I knew enough of the language to get chocolate that I potentially would like. Included in that purchase of sixteen bars was this white chocolate with saffron and curry made by third generation chocolate makers: Schell. The company, led by Eberhard Annette Schell, not only make chocolate, but also has a café and runs seminars on chocolate and wine.

I must admit Schell is a difficult company to get my head around. It seems their angle is that they produce chocolate to company wine – which is good in itself, but leaves me feeling out of my depth as I have little knowledge of wine above that of of the occasional drinker. Add to that that I’m generally not a fan of white chocolate then this review has the potential to become more of a chore than a pleasure.

Looking through my archives of white chocolate reviews I was trying to find something to compare it with, but there just wasn’t any. Nothing I’ve reviewed compares to this. Sitting back and listening to some Maxwell I finally ‘got it’, or so I thought. So much white chocolate has a sickly vanilla flavour and textures that remind me of wax that surrounds French cheese, but this chocolate is a great deal more sophisticated than that – sort of. The ‘feeling’ that I get from it is actually of sherry. It’s sweet but some interesting flavours if you get a good one.

The Iranian saffron is certainly in evidence but is actually very well balanced with  the Tahitian Vanilla. The ‘Mumbai Curry’ wasn’t so much in evidence – whatever that actually means in English. There are the most subtle of other flavours, but none I can really put my finger on.

I’ve actually started to feel that I don’t actually get it. Perhaps It’s like some cerebral literature that I just don’t have the life experiences that enables me to engage with it. I just can’t ‘connect’ with this chocolate – which is a shame as they have plenty of other bars listed that I’m sure would be wonderful. At least this curry chocolate doesn’t have freeze-dried chicken in it!

The packaging and back story hinted at something like finding a great cheese at a farm shop. Instead I picked  the one that I’d probably like least – so I’d just give it a rating of 55%.

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