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Say It With Brownies Mint Flavour

Chocolate, they say, is good for the soul. Even better for the soul, I’ve established, are chocolate brownies. July was a month of moving home and wondering how I would cope with making it habitable, cope with all the work I have to do and pay HMRC their quarterly dues. This month was juxtaposed by various delights coming into my world. One of those was this box of mint brownies from the delightful Say it With Brownies.

Under the packaging

After all too often missing out on their end of day sales published on their Facebook page, I made a passing comment about my cravings for mint brownies. And in a few turns of a food processor and a while in an oven a sample batch was created and that’s what I have before me – well I’ve had them for about five days and each day I’ve been trying them to see how they fair. You see, you do get an awful lot for your money and even I couldn’t manage to finish off the lot in one day. In fact, I can only manage about three slices at a time – despite wanting more.

And a look at the texture

The thing is, these brownies are rich but not overly-gooey – there’s still a good amount of textual resistance. This gives them ability to last much longer in the mouth, and impart more flavour than many other small-scale brownies. This is a consistent feature of the Say it With Brownies produce. You know every time you try them, and I’ve tried a few, that the consistency will be just as perfectly balanced as every other time.

But what’s different here is this mint flavour. Along with lemon, it is my favourite flavouring for anything sweet and to have the opportunity to combine my favourite bakery form of chocolate with one of my favourite herbs is just a joy. The mint, again, is perfectly balanced. It’s certainly not mute as that would just cause huge amounts of frustration as I keenly search for flavour. Nor is it ‘in your face’ by distracting you from the central chocolate theme. It’s certainly past the mid-way point I would expect, but I do prefer a good dose of mint.

Although my wife is less of a fan of mint than I am, she still hugely enjoyed them and ordered two boxes for friends the next day. Furthermore, I do frequently consider buying some for myself and then I turn around and see how many other chocolate creations I have to review and suffer a pang of guilt and sorrow as I know I just won’t have time to sit down and enjoy them with a cuppa as I have with these over the past week.

After an interregnum I’m back on the reviewing trail. And despite my first passion being bean-to-bar chocolate, I have a serious love-affair with these brownies.

You can get them here for just £14.99!

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    Great review although not a brownie man myself