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Part of me wanted to say that these Cookies & Cream Brownies from Say it With Brownies were horrible so there’d be more for me to have. But of course, I can’t do that as I absolutely loved them! The first thing I noticed was the cheer weight of them. I’m not in a position to weigh them now as I’ve consumed a couple of the slices, but you certainly do get your money’s worth! Perhaps the guys should actually say how much you get on their website as you get twelve decently sized slices which are more than any one person can be expected to consume in a day.

But let’s back up a bit. The box that they come in is perfect for the contents within: there’s no pretentiousness, but they do go the extra mile with loads of paper wrapping the brownies and protecting them from damage in transit as well as some ribbon and a “get well soon” sticker – as I was ill at the time and the guys saw my tweet. It actually took me far too long to get in to it as I was all fingers and thumbs as I was anxious to get to grips with the wondrousness contained within. Having prized the brownies from its mummy-like wrapping this big slab of icing-sugar coated brownie collapsed into two hefty pieces. They’re part cut into thin slices and as I didn’t expect that I just held up the one half for the other to collapse back into the box. At least it saved time trying to select which pieces to consume first!

A slab or the Cookies and cream brownies

Each of those ‘mini’ slices is 6cm x 3cm x 2.5cm and that’s about two mouthfuls for the eager amongst us. But they’re the Doctor Who of the brownie world as you take the smallest bite and they seem to fill your mouth completely – it’s that sensory illusion the Tardis is renowned for. But there’s another sense that is fooled – is that of feel. I loved the Paul A. Young Valentine’s Brownie because it was moist beyond belief. This brownie, however, looked anything of the sort. But in actual fact, as soon as you place a piece in your mouth you’ll get floods of delightful, soft brownie that seems more enjoyable on reflection. Here you’re less consumed by the texture than by the flavour.

The texture of the Cookies and cream brownies

When asked which brownie I’d liked to try I just had to go for the cookies and cream one as I just love the Häagen-Dazs ice cream of the same name – and I feel it’s a great choice. With the first mouthful I got a flavour that was very much reminiscent of real Turkish Delight – it might have been the icing sugar along with the sweet, mild notes? On inspection of the ingredients I found out that the recipe uses Oreo Cookies which is, in actual fact, exactly what the brownies taste of. One of my guilty pleasures is Oreo cookies – I think it’s that balance of sweetness with a hint of slight tanginess, and that’s what I get here. The sweetness is dominant all the way through, but there’s a very subtle hint of the addictive qualities that seem to accompany cookies that have mass-market appeal.

Looking at the other ingredients which not only include dark chocolate, but also butter, golden syrup and free range eggs then you know that this is an indulgent affair. But it’s in no way as rich as one might expect. I’ve now had a quarter of it and could easily consume more. If it wasn’t the need to leave some for the rest of the family, I would have put an even bigger dent in its contents.

I really couldn’t fault these brownies. You get a lot of them, they’re presented well and they taste delicious – what more could you want? Some might baulk at the price, but its just £1.50 a slice and those slices of brownies you get in the supermarket or Mcdonalds are woeful beyond comparison. You’re going to ‘spend’ some calories – at least make it worth it!

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