Paul A. Young Sea Salted Caramel Pecan Brownie

I’ve been blessed with divine chocolate brownies from Paul A. Young in the past, including the awesome Billington’s Simnel Brownie – but what of this pecan brownie with sea salted caramel? I’d say it’s nice, but didn’t hit the spot with me as the previous have.

Of course it looked delicious, they all do, but this had much more of a rustic appearance than the previous Valentine’s brownie . What I have trouble with is that in the summer I’d choose other forms of chocolate than a brownie – especially one as gooey and decadent as this. But that didn’t stop me tucking in and making the most of the experience.

The flavour at first was quite strange – it had a curious Marmite tone which I expect came from the combination of the sea salt and the syrup? This tangy characteristic may not appeal to some, but others will just lap it up.

There’s a very liberal dose of pecans too which serve to give the brownie a great deal more gravity and substance – which I think it definitely needed. This gives a more solid texture and makes you realise that you are actually consuming something solid and not just his usual almost par-baked brownies.

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  • Annabella

    The best chocolatier in London, good luck with his brilliant new shop.