Salted Peanut Caramel Bar

As many of you might agree that the world is just awash with negativity and people taking them far too seriously. So it’s nice to step back from this and try out some ‘fun’ chocolate in the form of this Salted Peanut Caramel Cracker bar from The Grown Up Chocolate Company, who are, coincidently based opposite one of my clients (who raves about what they do).

I must admit that as a child I was never much into peanuts and chocolate, and I’m still not. But there’s something innately joyous and whimsical about these bars. They’re not at all pretentious or kitsch, instead they’re just unique. They could so easily be boring and bland as most mainstream chocolate of this kind is. But they’re certainly not, they’re just so addictive.

The top of the bar has a thin line of ‘chocolate sprinkles’ which gives an indication of its not going to be like typical corner shop chocolate. Beneath that you have some 38% milk chocolate which encases some white chocolate peanut praline (32%), extra peanuts (7%) and some salted caramel (16%).

The salted caramel has a fantastic sharp edge that cuts through the white chocolate praline and those extra peanuts gives it some delightful crunch. The whole experience is great when you consider that this isn’t a hugely expensive bar of artisan chocolate made in depth of some European capital chocolaterie. What’s more, there’s no ego or pretence, is just self-indulgent and gorgeous with it. The mouthfeel, with all the textures, combined with the sweet and sour is exactly what late Friday afternoons are about.

You can buy this bar direct from The Grown Up Chocolate Company for just £2.60, with a minimum order of 4 bars, and I’d say it’s well worth it. When I’m next down seeing my client all walk across the small car park and poke my head through their door and beg for more!

Where To Buy These Salted Caramel and Peanuts Bar

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  • Anonymous

    Absolutely my current favourite makers of filled chocolate bars. Fun, indulgent, high quality and excellent value.

  • Anonymous

    Do they sell in the United States? I will have to look. Love the label. By the way, how do you do chocolate reviews every day? I only do Friday’s…

    • Admin

      Hiya, I’ve not done any for a week then two in a row. It’s just whenever I get time :-)