Rum and Raisin Flavour Fudge From The Fudge Kitchen

Rum and Raisin Flavour Fudge From The Fudge Kitchen

After my visit to the Fudge Kitchen in Bath I thought I’d test out their claims that you could keep the fudge in the freezer for many months. Well I’ve had three large fudge pieces in mine for about two months now so I thought I’d see what one of them was like.

Well, I went for this Rum & Raison fudge as it was top of the pile and looked interesting. The first thing you’ll notice is that the wrapping does stick a bit too much to the fudge. I don’t know if it was because I let the fudge get a bit warm before I put it in the freezer, but it’s no bother.

Rum and Raisin Flavour Fudge From The Fudge Kitchen

When it comes to the texture, it wasn’t as light and fluffy as when it’s fresh, that bit is obvious. But it also seems that some of the milder flavours aren’t as prominent, whilst the more intoxicating “rum” flavour is all too powerful.
Rum and Raisin Flavour Fudge From The Fudge Kitchen

I did bring the fudge out of the freezer into the fridge the day before and then let it rest on the kitchen surface for a while to bring it to room temperature, but I still feel that the flavours are somewhat constrained. I’ll see if I’ve got a chocolate one to test if the flavours are hampered there too.

I wouldn’t say that this rum and raison fudge is massively enjoyable. I love rum and raison ice cream, but I felt this one had too much of an ‘ethanol’ edge that wasn’t as anywhere as near as nice as the superb Double Trouble Chocolate Fudge that I reviewed earlier.

I won’t do a full review as it’s not chocolate based. But, I’d still recommend trying some out if you’re passing one of their shops around the country, or visiting their website to see if there are any flavours that appeal.

Quick Rating
  • 60% – definitely would have been better fresh.

Where To Buy The Rum and Raisin Flavour Fudge
  • Fudge Kitchen – save 10% with the voucher code: chocolatereviews – just copy and paste that code into the box in the ordering process and you’ll get 10% off

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