Royal Wedding Marc Demarquette Chocolate Heart

I couldn’t find these Royal Wedding Chocolates in a heart-shapped box on Marc Demarquette’s website – only the Fortnum & Mason one, which is a big shame as I’m sure he has a huge number of fans that love to celebrate the wedding of Kate and William by enjoying some very high quality chocolates from one of London’s favourite chocolatiers.

For £25 you’ll get about 15 lovely artisan bon bons to munch on as you watch Kate Middleton walk down the isle in her wonderful wedding dress. They’re the perfect chocolates to take part a more high-class way than anything you’ll find in your local supermarket.

Where To Buy The Royal Wedding Marc Demarquette Chocolate Heart Box

Charbonnel et Walker are also doing some lovely looking royal wedding chocolates, but this time for £35 for 155g. Personally I wouldn’t say they’re as good as Marc’s but feel if you’re a fan of the older-style, classic bon bons, then try them out. You probably don’t have a store near you, so I expect you can pick them up from all John Lewis stores.

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