Chocolates For The Royal Wedding By Prestat

Royal Wedding Chocolate Box by PrestatI’m not the biggest fan of Prestat, but when you’re appoiunted to Her Majesty The Queen as Purveyors of Chocolates you’d be daft not to bring out a range of chocolates for the Royal Wedding of Prince William and Catherine Middleton.

They’ve created a range of their ‘finest truffles’ are enrobed in white, milk and dark chocolate … but I can’t get as excited as the people there have when they stat that this selection ‘echoes the fun, excitement, history, grandeur and romance of the whole occasion.’ And then instruct us to ‘[c]elebrate this great british occasion by sharing a box of these mouth watering truffles and do just what Prince William and Catherine want you to do – get stuck in and enjoy every moment!’

I don’t want to be a grump, but I won’t be spending £14.99 on some of these themed Royal Wedding chocolates. But if anyone else wants to, please let me know what they’re like.

Or you can get yourself some of these naff looking William and Kate chocolate bars for a staggering £4.80!

Where To Buy These Chocolates For The Royal Wedding

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