Artisan du Chocolat Rooibos

Having been born in South Africa I was very much looking forward to this bar of milk chocolate from Artisan du Chocolat seeing as its been made with Rooibos which is generally made into a tea. But you shouldn’t expect this bar to taste like any tea-infused bars or bon bons you’ve probably tasted in the past, as it’s incredibly mild and not at all fragrant.

Just as with most of most of Artisan du Chocolat’s milk chocolate it’s not as sweet as the mass-market varieties. Instead it has that soft, milk powder edge. Here the Rooibos gives does actually give it the caramel tone that Gerard mentions in the tasting notes, it also has a fairly particular flavour of Christmas cake with the cherries and spices. And it’s this very interesting, yet, subtle flavour that I actually quite adore.

This most certainly isn’t your typical bar even though the Rooibos is quite restrained, but it does have a personality all to itself. I often find traditional milk chocolate boring, but when you add interesting ingredients, such as Rooibos, in to the mix (literally) then it makes the whole milk chocolate market that more interesting.

Some people may be put off the Rooibos labelling and expect it to be bitter, but it most certainly isn’t. I could certainly compliment it with herbal tea such as camomile on a cold autumn evening, and I don’t think that’d do any injustice to the chocolate itself.

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Quick Review:
  • 73% – very pleasant indeed!


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