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We go from the sublime to the naff. I last reviewed the Rolo Easter Egg a couple of years ago and it essentially hasn’t changed. The Rolos are the same, and so is the thin, bland and totally uninteresting chocolate egg.

I know I shouldn’t be overly critical of this £2 egg. It does exactly what its supposed to. The whole purpose of this egg is to give your nieces and nephews that you don’t like something at Easter. Why do I say that? Well you can get far better Easter eggs from Hotel Chocolat or Thorntons or some hugely imaginative ones from Rococo Chocolates that would give a whole load more satisfaction than this egg. I’m sorry.

The issue with these chocolate shops though, is that its doubtful you’ll manage to get 224g of chocolate for a couple of quid – here you can, and you won’t have to pay for postage from your local supermarket if you get them from there. However, there is one good thing about the Rolo Easter egg and that is that they don’t use any plastic. In the few years I’ve been reviewing Easter eggs I’ve seen a massive reduction in the amount of hard to recycle materials used in the packaging of Easter eggs. This is a massive step forward. Now its just down to us to actually do the recycling.

I do love how when you open up the outer box you’re met with a “basket” inside which houses the two tubes of rolos and one fairly decent sized chocolate egg. Its just a shame the quality of the chocolate isn’t that great.

But one mustn’t grumble. You do get a fair amount for your £2.

Well, saying that, the chocolate is very thin. Each egg shell would be 3mm maximum which is nothing when you compare it to the Your Eggsellency Easter egg which is amazingly thick! Some Easter eggs would make you feel that you just couldn’t consume any more chocolate when you’ve finished it. I doubt you’d get this feeling with the Rolo Easter egg. The only sensation that I feel that you could have is that you’d just want some decent chocolate.

Not even the Rolos hold the same degree of satisfaction as they did in my youth. They’re average. Just that, average.

A quick rating here as I’m not inclined to try and convince anyone to buy them. If you’re pushing me, I’ll give them a 40% – now time to go back to my fudge and bring back a chocolaty smile I’d lost in the process of doing this review.

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