Rococo Valentines Chocolates

One of the things I love most about most about Rococo is their chocolate art. For every season or occasion Rococo have great, exceptional looking chocolate art that also manages to taste damn good and 2011 sees these purveyors of fine chocolates expand their range to offer even more romantic Valentines gifts – how could you resist?

I just love their collection of chocolate hearts which won’t break your heart when you see the price. There’s no dimension information on their small hand painted polka-dot hearts which cost £7.95 for two, but looking at the URL I can see they are 60g which is about the same weight as a Double Decker (but obviously a lot tastier). What’s more, there are three of these small hearts to choose from, the polka dot, one with forget me nots painted one and one with a smaller heart.

For £3 more you can get a box of much smaller ones that also weigh 60g.

If you wanted to spend a bit more but still love the hand painted heart theme then they also do two larger ones for £20 each. Here I have no idea of the size, but would expect them to be around the 150g-200g mark which would make them good value for money.

But if you’re buying for someone that just loved selection boxes then you just have to have a look at their various mixed chocolate selections which come presented in heart-shaped boxes. They range from £16 for ten which include jasmine tea, Manjari Madagascar, lychee rose and raspberry, Irish coffee, sour cherry dark chocolate and Jivara marc de champagne, passionfruit and mango and crushed lemon praline in milk chocolate; to £100 for a huge box which I work out contains seventy-seven ganaches, pralines, marzipans and the such-like. I might have miscounted though as there are loads in there. You should buy this selection box if you really love your wife, girlfriend, boyfriend, husband or lover.

Rococo also do some saucy and naughty novelty valentine’s chocolates too such as a selection of venus nipples and lips for £12.50. If you wanted to play it safe they also sell some Rose Marc de Champagne truffles, Popping Champagne truffles, and various delicious chocolate bars too.


Prices at Rococo Chocolates aren’t going to be the cheapest that you’ll ever find in the high street or online. But the whole purpose of buying from Rococo is to get some chocolate that is incredibly unique and desirable. I would definitely say it’s very much worth paying that little bit more for chocolate of such beauty – and that’s what Valentine’s is all about.


With hand painted chocolates there’d be an operational need to keep selection down so they can make sure that the quality of the work they produce is of the highest standards. As such the selection isn’t as great as the automated, mass-produced, factory line, mechanised competition, but there’s still enough choice from hearts, chocolate bars, truffles, novelties and selection boxes. For hand-painted
Valentine’s chocolates I wouldn’t look anywhere else. Nor would I look at any other chocolatier for chocolates that are so elegantly presented.


If you can’t make it down to their London stores then postage is very reasonable at only £3.50 for a traceable Royal Mail delivery or £6.95 via the DHL 24hr service.

Overall Valentines Rating

If you’ve got a bit of money to spend and you just have to impress your loved-one then there really isn’t any other chocolate shop that a man in a hurry should visit.

Rating: Must Visit

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