Rococo Lavendar Dark Chocolate Bar

It seems that the colder the weather gets, the more robust I’d like my flavoured chocolate to be. If it were as sunny as it was a month ago I’d be lapping this Rococo lavender bar up instead I’m just aimlessly munching on it whilst replying to emails – not actually taking much notice of it. And that’s a shame as I’ve absolutely loved everything that Rococo has done.

Their bon bons are fantastic, the chocolate art divine, and every other bar I’ve had has been mild but engaging. But, to me, lavender is unique flavour it’s not as intense as the ginger I reviewed recently but it should still be fairly robust. I’m just used to walking past the lavender I have in the front garden and getting a good ‘waft’ of it as I walk past. I absolutely adore that aroma, and had eagerly waited for a similar experience with this bar.

Alas, this herb has been muted and is barely recognisable. It’s only three weeks past its BBE, but I’m sure if that couldn’t have caused such a loss in flavour. The chocolate itself is perfectly fine, it’s just when you’re expecting a moderate blast of the delicious lavender flavours, and you’re left disappointed when it doesn’t come along.

C’est la vie. It’s no drama, as I’ve said they do great stuff, just it didn’t hit the mark for me on this occasion. I best get some more to try!

Where To Buy This Lavender Dark Chocolate Bar
  • Rococo – £4.95


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