Rococo Dark Chocolate Easter Egg with 3 Ganaches

Rococo Dark Chocolate Egg with 3 Ganaches

The nice people at Natoora sent over these Rococo Dark Chocolate Egg with 3 Ganaches because they thought I’d be interested in their chocolate range. I’ve reviewed some of Rococo’s chocolates before and absolutely loved them and I keep seeing Natoora around but have never got round to ordering anything from them. But I shall do now as they sell a great deal of premium brand foods such as tea, coffee, honey, olive oil, pasta, preserved foods, savoury snacks etc. But it’s the biscuits I’m particularly drawn to. I’ll definitely be putting an order in after Easter!!

Rococo Dark Chocolate Egg with 3 Ganaches

I’m in love with the Rococo brand. I think it’s incredibly important that chocolate markers and marketers create a strong, unique brand that differentiates them from the rest. Rococo does an absolutely fantastic job of this. If you saw any of their chocolate creations packaged you’ll be able to know without a second thought of where they came from. In most circumstances you can do it unpackaged as well.

Rococo Dark Chocolate Egg with 3 Ganaches

Within this well packaged box was a ‘golden’ wrapped egg that’s about 8cm and fairly thick for that size which gives it a substantial feel.

Rococo Dark Chocolate Egg with 3 Ganaches

What I liked about this Easter egg was that it was made in two stages to give it extra thickness. They make the one layer, let it set and then add another layer of tempered chocolate. This gives it more character than some other Easter eggs as you become more interactive with it. You’ll break a piece off and then slide it in your fingers to half the amount of chocolate and then place the other piece in your mouth. The flavours may not be as complex as other dark chocolate. But as far as dark chocolate Easter egg go, it’s superb! The flavours are nicely bitter, tart and robust. They’re not too acidic and neither not too sweet. I’m sure dark chocolate lovers will appreciate this Eater egg.

Rococo Dark Chocolate Egg with 3 Ganaches

If you haven’t done so already, you’ll be heading towards the ganaches that were carefully placed within the egg. There are three of them in this smaller size but they do three sizes. The biggest (I think) has six ganaches and three neapolitans.

Rococo Dark Chocolate Ganache

The first I tried was a dark chocolate ganache. I know you’re supposed to say the first thing that comes to mind when you review chocolate. But if I said that my taste buds had three distinct flavours, one after another, of marmite, KFC and then perfume, the guys at Rococo will probably give me a slap. I’m not sure where the chocolate comes from, but they do remind me of the Michel Cluizel 1ers Crus De Plantation Dark Chocolate Collection. Now are they made out of Michel Cluizel couverture or Valrhona? Or are they made from house couverture? I wouldn’t like to guess!

Rococo Passion Fruit and Mango ganache

The next was, I pretty sure, a passion fruit and mango jelly bon bon. When I cut it open I was dreading another salted caramel (I’ve had loads recently), but was wonderfully surprised to have a gorgeous, fruity flavour come through which was combined with a jelly-type resistance. This is tart, zesty and packs a punch, but it in a loving kind of way. Very nice indeed.

Rococo Ganaches

The last I couldn’t place. It was a dark chocolate ganache. But with something added. I can place it as fruit. But I just can’t pick out what it is. Perhaps the nice people there can send me some to try ;-)?

Overall this Easter egg and ganache gift box would make a fantastic gift for a loved one you really wanted to impress. I might have to find the milk chocolate one for my other half, but the overall presentation, taste and value for money were great.

  • Taste: 80% – very good dark chocolate Easter egg, very interesting and delicious ganaches.
  • Texture: 85% – exceptional
  • Appearance: 99% – top notch (as usual!)
  • Nutritional Information: 80% – there’s loads on the bottom of the box
  • Price: 90% – great value for a very tasty Easter treat!
  • Overall: 86.8% – fantastic stuff from a great brand


Where To Buy The Rococo Dark Chocolate Egg with 3 Ganaches
  • Natoora they’ve got a great offer too!! Save £40 off your purchase if you spend £80 or more with the voucher code SPR40SL until 28th March. *
  • Rococo – £9.95

* Item restrictions: Minimum order £80 excluding delivery and does not include value of any wine, bottled water or tinned olive oil purchased. Total must include £50 or more of non-butchery items.

Offer can only be redeemed once per address or account holder. Valid until 28th March 2010. Not valid in conjunction with any other offer except price discounts. No cash alternative. We reserve the right to refuse or restrict orders.

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