Rococo Crystallised Ginger 65%

This week just gets better and better. Not only do we have some fantastic 65% dark chocolate originating from Grenada, but we have it mixed with ginger which is one of my most favourite spices. And all this wonderment is contained within the most elegant of wrappers which was inspired by a heady mix Tehranian culture (where Chantal Coady, Founder of Rococo was born) and Moroccan tiles which can be found in the garden behind their flagship Motcomb Street store.

I’ve recently wished that I’d collected the wrappers from the chocolate I’ve reviewed (I could get lost for hours in this website doing exactly that), mainly because there are some fantastic companies such as Rococo and the Mast Brothers who go the extra mile and create such wonderful designs.

But on to the chocolate. The aroma of this bar is suitably rustic and earthy and a touch acidic. But it’s the flavour that I’m drawn to. It may be a touch eggy, much like the recent Costa Rican 72%, but there is a fantastic mellowness which is this bar’s endearing quality. Often ginger chocolate, especially if it contains crystallised ginger, can be too sharp and more down the line of confectionery than true chocolate. But this bar is mild and feels medicinal in a herb/spice sense, rather than something a diabetic would keep with them in case of an emergency.

This ginger flavour reminds me of the real ginger powder I used to sprinkle on vanilla ice cream as a child rather than the mass-produced, almost toxic tasting version that I find in many a chocolate ‘treat’. And this is something to commend the team at Rococo about. I actually chose this bar because I thought it would be intense, but I’m actually glad it’s more laid-back and relaxed.

Where To Buy Ginger Dark Chocolate Bar
  • Grenada – £4.25


Quick Rating:
  • 75% – mild and suitable for a Sunday evening hiding from the Monday to follow


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