Hotel Chocolat Rocky Road To Caramel Extra Thick Easter Egg

Rocky Road To Caramel Extra Thick Easter Egg Box View

I reviewed the Rocky Road to Caramellow Extra Thick Easter Egg last year and all that seems to have changed is the name and the packaging – everything else is just as fantastic! The box is still fairly large at over 14cm deep and 17cm tall – this is no small Easter egg that would vanish in seconds.

Rocky Road To Caramel Extra Thick Easter Egg Inside

Inside the box you’ll get a wonderful site of an egg wrapped with thick, strong metal foil which not only serves to keep the Easter egg fresh, but also gives it a substantive quality – it certainly looks like you’re getting your money’s worth.

Hotel Chocolat Rocky Road To Caramel Easter Egg

As you prize the two shells apart you’ll see a selection two balls of tissue paper (which was more metal foil last year), which house the chocolates. Some of these chocolates you’ll get in some of their other Easter chocolate selection boxes. You’ll get ten chocolates in total, comprising: a Pod Bunny (caramel chocolate), a fruit and nut Pavé, caramel mini truffles, an Easter Chick made from 40% milk chocolate and cocoa cripies, a Pecan Praline, a Sticky toffee milk chocolate Pavé, a Macadamia & Coconut Cube, a Chocolate Brownie, a Florentine Dream and a Caramel crunch.

I thought I’d try a sample of them and started first with the Pecan Praline. This had a pecan nut on the top and was had a typical praline filling – gritty as it should be, but with a nice mellow flavour. This one would be perfectly acceptable for those that normally don’t like pralines.

Rocky Road to Caramel from Hotel Chocolat - Chocolate Brownie

I then ventured on to the Chocolate Brownie which, again, was mild, but had the sort of dry flavour which brownies often have (even though they may be moist). There’s also a salty, nutty edge to it but has a great biscuity texture – I really did like this one.

Rocky Road To Caramel Easter Egg - Crunch Hotel Chocolat

And why not finish off the quick sample with a Caramel Crunch? It certainly did have a crunchy underside, but a very sweet, fairly stuff caramel centre. It’d be difficult to eat too many of these, but I know caramel lovers will gobble it up!

Rocky Road To Caramel Extra Thick Easter Egg From Hotel Chocolat

Now we come to the important bit – the thickness of the Easter egg. Now, I think it must be me, but I don’t think it was as thick as last year. The rocky road side may be, but the stripped side, I’m sure isn’t.

Rocky Road To Caramel Close Up

The Rocky Road half is absolutely fantastic, there are so many textures and flavours going on, that every bite will be completely unique. There are pieces of crushed cookies, nuts and more – delightful.

Some might think the price is a bit steep at £22.00 each. But you do get a 420g extra thick Easter egg that won’t vanish in seconds. Also it’s not a Nestle Easter egg, which I’d rather have a series of painful piercings that eat. This is a good quality, filling, interesting Easter egg that is a whole more interesting than you’ll find in most supermarkets.

  • Taste: 70% – I actually did enjoy it a lot. I’m not a caramel fan, but I love Easter eggs that offer something different
  • Texture: 85% – each mouthful is different. There’s also a great crunch to it.
  • Appearance: 80% – The box, what it looks like when you open it up are all great and make it a perfect Easter gift
  • Nutritional Information: 70% – it’s all there – but difficult to read
  • Packaging: 60% – there is a lot of packaging there, most can be recycled. I wonder if they’ve got a packaging initiative?
  • Price: 75% – it is good value for money if you’re looking for an Easter egg that isn’t bog standard, is different and suitable for most people.
  • Overall: 73.33% – an interesting Easter egg indeed.


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Nutritional Information:

Rocky Road To Caramel Easter Egg Nutritional Information


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  • Nickitta

    Although I love Hotel Chocolat (there are quite a few branches in London) the price is a big deterrent. £22 for an Easter Egg is unacceptable! All the big supermarkets in London have a “finest range” selling good quality chocolat at affordable prices.

  • Major Chudley

    Have just opened my Extra Thick Easter Egg and was very disappointed. The thickness was only around the edge and towards the middle was the same as a normal cadburys egg. Not worth the money at all. I would recommend buying two giant slabs instead for a lot more chocolate for the same money