Ritual Chocolate Peru 75% Batch 5

When you’ve got less than 5g of a chocolate to review and you recall previously absolutely loving it you’re caught between emotions of sheer excitement and disappointment. Should I be glad I’ve got some Ritual chocolate or should I scowl because I’ve got sod all of it? I’m in the latter camp.

Ritual Maranon

I picked it up last time I was in the CocoaRunners offices and dived into their “we’ve reviewed these” boxes of chocolates. Then it primarily stood out as I had heard good things about Ritual. Then I saw it was a ‘Maranon’ which I absolutely loved when Bryan made an awesome bar from it. And then when I opened up the packaging and was smacked by the heady apricot-like aroma it had me. There was no escaping, I had to try it.

Ritual Maranon Bar

Rose oil is one of those flavours that is over-used at the wrong end of the chocolate market for me – the big boxes of rose truffles that Charbonnel et Walker produce. But Rose is present in spades here – along with walnut and cream. Lots of bloody gorgeous creaminess and tangs of necatarine and then pink pepper.

Combine this with a sensational texture and then there isn’t a better chocolate that I’ve tried in the past few weeks – especially as Peru can be such a highly variable origin.

You can buy this chocolate from CocoaRunners here.

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