Richart Chocolates LogoIn 1925, master chocolatier Joseph Richart opened a chocolate factory in Lyons, France on the Crox Rousse hill. The art of chocolate making has become a family tradition as his son, Michel, carries on the business. Chocolate lovers throughout the world have come to associate Richart chocolates as one of the finest French chocolates on the market. Considered by many to be the most refined chocolate manufacturer, Richart uses only the finest ingredients in the production and creation of their quality chocolates.

“Design et Chocolat” Boutiques

With boutiques located globally in France, the United States, China, Japan, Korea, Spain and Italy, Richart boasts more than 80 delicious and elegant filled chocolates and exquisite solid neapolitans. Rich design and artisan craftsmanship is as much a part of Richart boutiques as it is of their chocolate creations. Each boasts a gallery-like setting with artwork created by local artists displayed throughout. The boutiques are minimally designed, creating a clean and stark atmosphere to showcase their own chocolate masterpieces. In an effort to underline the family’s love of art, Richart sponsors a Children’s Design Contest annually to benefit art programs in elementary schools.

Richart Flavour Families

Richart creates their chocolate in seven different flavour-themed collections referred to as “families.” These families are determined by the flavour ingredients infused in the chocolate centres of each delightful chocolate. These families include:

  • Balsamic – Meaning “restorative,” the Balsamic family consists of pure single origin ganaches.
  • Roasted – This family includes hazelnut and almond pralines, caramel coulis and coffee ganaches.
  • Fruity – Delightful summer flavours of mango, passion fruit and apricot creams make up part of this family.
  • Citrus – This family is home to such favourites as orange zest coulis, grapefruit ganache and kumquat coulis.
  • Herbal – The Herbal family includes such garden classics as anise and fennel ganache, thyme praline and jasmine tea ganache.
  • Floral – Bouquets of rose, lavender and ylang ylang make their home with the Floral family.
  • Spiced – The exotic Spiced family includes such members as cinnamon ganache, curry praline and ginger ganache.

Richart Single Origin Chocolates

Richart’s ultra-fine ballotins consist of 72 assorted neapolitains from regions such as Madagascar, Venezuela, Ecuador and the Dominican Republic. They are available in a variety of different cacao contents such as 46% milk, 70% Haiti, 75% Madagascar and 82% Sur del Lago. Each single origin chocolate exhibits its own unique flavour tones and bouquets.

Other Richart Chocolate

Richart also produces a number of gift and seasonal collections such as the Little Gourmet collection, the Wedding collection or the Simply Dark collection. Additionally, Richart introduces 20 new and exciting chocolate creations each year.

Richart Online

They have an official site that caters for France, America and Canada. Their USA operation has a Twitter profile too.

Richart Chocolate Shops

Richart in France

  • 258 bd St Germain, Paris
  • 1 rue du Plat, Lyon
  • 35 cours Franklin Roosevelt, Lyon
  • 102 cours Lafayette, Lyon

Richart in Spain

  • Calle Muntaner 463, Barcelona

Richart in Italy

  • via Vincenzo Monti 33, Milano

Richart in South Korea

  • 125 Dae Myung Building, Sue Nae Dong, Bun Dang

Richart in Morocco

  • Hilton Gallery

Richart Chocolate Photos

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