Raven Chocolate

Raven Chocolate

This is a first for me. I don’t recall any British bean to bar chocolate maker producing a white. I was startled when I opened up the packaging that had “vanilla bean” on it to find out that it was a white – and a sweet one at that. Recently I’ve tried white, often ‘toasted’ or ‘caramelised’ that has been very mute on the sugar front, but this one does give a sweet hit unheard of (to me at least) in the North European craft chocolate scene. But there’s always room for something new – and why ignore such a huge market.

It wouldn’t be fair to do a proper review of the white, as its far from my specialist area, so I’m going to move on to 45% milk chocolate with hazelnut. I was a touch confused looking at the labeling as it has some of the text from the white chocolate bar’s wrapper. But from this one I’m told that this is made from “West African cacao beans, hazelnuts, popping candy, cacao butter, sugar and milk powder”.

Again, flavoured milks aren’t my strongest point. But the texture here was almost like an Aero, very soft, very creamy and very sweet. Less of the cocoa comes through than I would like as the sugar if far higher than I go far.

Even though the packaging is nice, the selection of chocolate I was sent isn’t suitable. But I do wish them well on their bean to bar chocolate adventures.





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