Rabot Estate Cacao Nibs Rolled In Milk

Rabot Estate Cacao Nibs Rolled In Milk Packet

I’m not normally one for things like cacao nibs as I prefer the refined taste of chocolate rather than the raw ingredient in the form of cacao nibs. But there’s something utterly delicious about these Rabot Estate Cacao Nibs Rolled In Milk.

Rabot Estate Cacao Nibs Rolled In Milk Nib

Cacao nibs are often very bitter but these have a cherry-like foretaste that is immensely pleasent. Furthermore, the milky edge that characterises much of the Rabot Estate produce gives it another dimension that softens the inherent rawness. This is where Rabot Estate have been very clever, they know that they need to make as much use of what they grow but they also need to make it palatable so that people will ultimately buy them. As with the 70% ‘Dash of Milk” bar they mix it with the dampening effect of the milk which not only reduces the bitterness but expands its flavour profile.

Rabot Estate Cacao Nibs Rolled In Milk Inside

With the cacao nibs there will be a heap of caffeine present so I wouldn’t recommend eating them as a late night snack if you want to go to sleep but a perfect ‘pick-me-up’ if you’re flagging at work. I’m also informed that cacao has a great number of anti-oxidants, I can’t make any claims to this affect, but if it is true then it may be worth having them on your desk as a super booster desk pot (their sister company Hotel Chocolat sell one – I expect from the same source?)

What I can tell is that they have given me a bit of a kick and are raring to go!

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Quick Rating:
  • Rating: 70% – I found it a good pick me up and not as bitter as I thought it’d be.


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