Rabot Estate 70% ‘Dash of Milk’ Dark Chocolate Bar

The Rabot Estate 70% Dash of Milk Dark Chocolate

I loved the previous Dash of Milk bar that was at the 50% level because it had a strange milk and bitter complexion. This one had the same sort of wasabi edge to it but is much more bitter and intense.

I’m jumping the gun there as I’ve not mentioned the packaging, but as you can tell, or may even know from before, that the Rabot Estate range is purposely rustic. They’re bars that you can see clearly through the cellophane wrapping and are anything but pretentious. As I see a lot of packaging from the wonderful Beschle to the unimaginative Demarquette it’s nice to see chocolate that is understated but purposely matches the chocolate. In the Demarquette case the chocolate is aimed at connoisseurs or those with a good degree of chocolate knowledge (it appears to me), but the packaging does not match the chocolate. Here the target audience, I would presume, cares much more for the contents than the packaging – in fact I expect they crave the perfect world where there is no packaging.

The Rabot Estate 70% Dash of Milk Dark Chocolate

When I said wasabi earlier it was pretty much correct, but there’s a great deal of ‘tobacco’ in there which gives it a red-earth, musty characteristic. There is, however, a slight degree of candy-floss right at the edges that just lifts the flavour somewhat.

The Rabot Estate 70% Dash of Milk Dark Chocolate

This is a bar that I enjoy immensely. The slight dried-milk flavour that seems to combine and envelope the other flavours is delightful. You could mention that this isn’t the smoothest bar of dark chocolate you’ll ever try – but it’s not meant to be. I believe it’s meant to be a bar that takes you as close to the rustic nature of St. Lucia and the Caribbean as you can get without actually being there. This bar isn’t meant to be as smooth as a Patrick Roger or as rich and creamy as a Chapon, it’s just a bloody good bar of wholesome, intense dark chocolate. If you approach it in that context, you’ll love it.

A quick rating here as I don’t have prices – I’d give it a 75% purely because at 35g and with the range of flavours it’d make a perfect bar of chocolate for a lunch-time at work or when you need a bit of solitude when your kids are asleep but you still wanted some quality and not a bar filled with palm oil and sugar. If was a lady, I’d make sure I had one or two of these in my handbag when I left the house in the morning.

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    Dark chocolate. Suitable for Vegetarians: Aroma – Sugary and like a hot chocolate drink. Texture – smooth and creamy. Taste – Both sweet and bitter, with a long lasting aftertaste.