Rabot Estate 65% 120 Conch

This Rabot Estate 65% 120 Conch is something that I’ve wanted to try for a while as I’ve tried the 96 hour conch before, but haven’t reviewed it on here as I actually gave it away. I wanted to see how another 24 hours in the conch would affect the flavour. Of course it should make it more mellow and less acidic, but how much would it change? From my point of it was significant.

Despite still having a delightful zestiness to it, it was most noticeably milder. But it was deceptive with it. At first it came across very similar to the Rabot Estate Dash of Milk with that milky character, but then out of nowhere came this zip of lime acidity that cut through the milkiness. I’m actually in two minds as to whether this acidity is still a touch on the harsh side as these St. Lucian cocoa beans are inherently full of punch, but I believe it would unwise to try and conch all of the acidity out as it would just mean it’d be as bland as Ghanaian Forastero – at what’s the point in that?

Ultimately I wouldn’t have this as a session bar of chocolate as it feels a touch to rustic for that, but the Rabot Estate cocoa certainly has a personality all of its own that I’m sure many chocolate lovers would be able to pick out in a blind taste easily. It was pleasurable, but only in small doses.


Quick Rating:
  • 72% – very nice, but just a little something missing from the experience.


Lee McCoy

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  • Totaly agree with this review Lee, it confirms my tastings tanks for this review, I still have one on the shelf for my next chocolate tasting ;-)