Quality Street My Purple Bar

When I bought this My Purple Bar I wasn’t entirely sure what it was supposed to be. At first I thought it was something to do with Fry’s Turkish Delight, then I realised there’s not much chance of that. But then putting the Quality Street name with the Purple then I twigged: it’s just a bar made out of the purple ones in a tin of Quality Street – it has been a long week! I’m not massively a fan of Quality Street, but the purple ones are the ones that I’d hunt for if I gave in to temptation. But the thought of having five of those in a row doesn’t really appeal – certainly not after tasting them.

For your 40g you’ll get a whole heap of calories – so much so that they only give you for half a bar. It actually works out at 208 calories a bar. And that’s probably because the milk chocolate they use is fatty and made with vegetable fat, whilst there is a good amount of caramel in their too. But the most important thing is that it’s completely lacking in flavour. Even the caramel is pretty tasteless.

For my 65p I would have expected a lot more flavour than I actually got. I’d certainly choose the Mint Aero instead!

Lee McCoy

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