Paul Wayne Gregory Salted Caramel Lollipops

Paul Wayne Gregory Salted Caramel Lollipops

Salted caramel, lollipops and popping candy. What could go wrong?  Well 64% chocolate coating certainly benefited from the popping candy as it didn’t have the depth of flavour I would have hoped for. It must be difficult to find a couverture to accompany the fairly stiff salted caramel, but it would have been better for it.

Bitten In

Of course they do look pretty fantastic all lined-up in the clear packaging: all proud and ready for devouring. But the issue becomes one of who they’re aimed at – especially when you consider the salted caramel inside didn’t have the clearly defined flavours I would have expected from Paul, but they just didn’t reach the standards of his Christmas selection box.

For many hundreds of thousands of people this would be a fantastic chocolate gift at this time of year. But for me I would like more ‘punch’ and ‘wow’. I would have loved a liquid caramel centre and something like a Zotter  or Marou shell – something to continue the journey after the filling had delivered its flavour. Perhaps also it would have benefited from having each with a flavour? It could have worked, for example, with a rum, a whisky and a vodka filling. Or even a variety of fruity ganaches.

It’s perfectly possible that people just don’t like the more overt dark chocolate and this, more middle of the road, chocolate would appeal – and you’re entitled to your opinion. But this one isn’t the finest of Paul’s creations that I’ve tried.

If you did want to try them, you can here for £7.45.

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