Paul Wayne Gregory Pure Indulgence Chocolates

Paul Wayne Gregory Pure Indulgence Chocolates

I’ve been meaning to try some Paul Wayne Gregory delights for some time but just haven’t got round to it so far. Thankfully Claudia from Forman & Field asked if she could send some over for me to review and and duly obliged with a a box of Paul Wayne Gregory Pure Indulgence Chocolates and so I’m sat here in front of them and have the hard job of tasting and telling you what I think.

Paul Wayne Gregory Pure Indulgence Chocolates - Inside The Box

My initial thoughts when opening the box was of a touch disappointment as they were encased in a plastic covering. But when I actually thought about it, it was to the chocolate’s benefit as they weren’t dislodged in transit as the Lucky’s Cakes were. Indeed they were all lined-up wonderfully, each in oblong format with the slightest difference to allow you to refer to the menu and select each in turn. Most had a line in different places and at different angles – it all added to the fun.

I must also note that the chocolates arrived in a great deal of packaging with four ice bags to keep them fresh – just as the Patrick Roger Assorted Carré were during the summer. This sort of care actually does start the enjoyment process off on the right footing and is always nice to see. Even nicer was to see the selection available. I do get bored with seeing the menu dominated by pralines of citrus fruits, here you have a wonderful choice, including a great favourite of mine – mint. But also there’s hint of liquorice, blue mountain coffee, passion fruit, space dust, coconut and dark rum. Today I’ll only review a sample of these, and save the rest for ‘personal use’.

Paul Wayne Gregory Pure Indulgence Chocolates - Mint

I first tried the mint which had an absolutely amazing intense aroma which I felt captivating. And the flavour with pretty darn good too. It had a slight citrus and caramel edge to it which gave it an added dimension. This could so easily be overpowering like the mint Wall’s Vienetta or other mint chocolates, but it manage to restrain itself and focus on the quality of the flavours and not allow those to be masked with excessive use of mint extract. But saying that, I did pick up a touch of saltiness, but that passed over quickly.

Paul Wayne Gregory Pure Indulgence Chocolates - Liquorice

The Hint of Liquorice was also a mild affair but absolutely delicious. At first I couldn’t even pick up the liquorice flavour it was so innocuous, but it gently came through and was fantastic and did last. Delicious.

Paul Wayne Gregory Pure Indulgence Chocolates - Dark Rum

The dark rum actually had the aroma of sweaty feet but seeing as I almost died of alcohol poisoning from an overdose of rum in Barbados – I still managed to give it a try. The “risk” was worth it however. There’s always an opportunity for it to taste of cheap rum and raison ice-cream or Old Jamaica, but it managed to avoid such a disaster. The flavour might not have been as mild as the others as it was very sweet, but that sweetness passed over quickly and left a lovely chocolate. Not my favourite of the selection so far, but not bad.

Paul Wayne Gregory Pure Indulgence Chocolates - Space Dust

The space dust was next and of course it included the ingredient of the same name, some others call it popping candy. The end result, however, was turning mundane pralines into something fantastic. There was none of that coarseness that you so often get with pralines, although the hazelnut flavour was there. Can I have another please?

Paul Wayne Gregory Pure Indulgence Chocolates - Passion Fruit

I finished off the review with the passion fruit which had a very acidic aroma and just as punchy a flavour. It was sweet and of course fruity. I thought the level of directness was a touch too much for me – which is strange as I love fruity bon bons.

But that’s enough from me. There’s another seven left, but I’ve got enough evidence to say they’re pretty damn good.

  • Taste: 85% – they were very good, but it’d be difficult to say they tasted “great”, but it was the variety of flavours that I found most enjoyable. If you’re looking for something different then you should definitely get some.
  • Texture: 80% – getting the balance between the chocolate coating and the filling is always difficult. I found the passion fruit one to be a bit heavy on the filling and light on the shell. There others were spot on though.
  • Appearance: 70% – I’m a little unsure about the packaging. I did find the outer box a touch uninspiring, and the plastic inside distracting, but I loved the regimented arrangement of the chocolates inside.
  • Nutritional Information: 70% – the menu was limited but sufficient. Although the ingredients on the back will be of use to many.
  • Price: 70% – at £19.95 they’re not cheap. But, you know what, they’re worth it. They’re fresh and unusual and perfect as a gift.
  • Overall: 75% – perhaps my review is somewhat tarnished by a hectic week, but they’re Champion’s League qualifying chocolates but not Premier League winning ones. Still worth trying if you get the chance – you can’t fault the use of quality ingredients. I am left wanting to try his chocolate truffles, and may be I’ll get the chance?

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Nutritional Information:
  • Paul’s Description: The multi-awarding ‘Pure indulgence’ chocolate box, contains 12 mouth-watering, full flavoured chocolate bonbons, created from the world’s finest ingredients. Each bonbon has an individual character and crested with our philosophy: “Indulgence is everything”……. Guaranteed to please the most ardent chocolate lovers.

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