Pump Street Bakery Ecuador Dark Milk

Pump Street Bakery Dark Milk Chocolate

What a truly unusual bar of dark milk chocolate. The one aspect of chocolate of this ilk I love is the schizophrenic nature of the flavour. It tends to have a creamy malted milk quality but then is juxtaposed against the inherent acidity of cocoa. But here, with this Pump Street Bakery Ecuadorian foray into this confusing style of chocolate, there’s so much more.

Indistinguishable flavour is popping at me from all parts of my head. Are there yeast notes, molasses, pear, caramel, orange, cornflower? I just can’t definitively classify anything that’s going on with my taste buds. The pigeon hole is empty. Classification simply isn’t possible. I must reboot and then de-fragment my taste buds.

Out of the packet

I think this cocoa comes from the area around Quevedo in Ecuador. Now the flavour profiles of that origin are so variable as to be no help in pinpointing the actual flavours here.  What I do know is that the list I gave above is valid. There is just so much going on here it’s like flavour turrets.

The texture is as smooth as you like and a melt to match – but not like you’ll be conscious of anything other than the flavour.

I’ve tried a great deal of milk dark and I do have a soft spot for it. But none I have tried has been as unique as this and Pump Street Bakery should be applauded for that.

The only problem is that I suspect the market for this chocolate is limited due to its uniqueness. My feeling, unfortunately most are polarised between the dark and milk options. But as people gravitate to the less intense and the more intense dark, then why shouldn’t some have a preference for this combination of malt and acidic flavours?

I do enjoy this sort of chocolate as a mid day treat to get my brain working again, but I still prefer their 75% Patanemo.


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