Prestat Praline Chocolate Truffles

Regular readers will know that I only seem to enjoy praline if it’s executed incredibly well – with hazelnut flavours that are pronounced and a where the only words I can describe the texture are of a sexual quality. So it was always going to be difficult for Prestat really satisfy my strange praline tastes. Even though there are certainly some negatives as well as positives with these, I strangely can’t stop eating them.

For my mind there’s chocolate that you savour every mouthful and other types of chocolate that work on a more base level where you’re satisfied chemically rather than emotionality and these praline truffles could certainly be found in the former camp. Generally I’m not a fan of thick shells as I feel that the major focus should be on a soft, creamy centre. But with this truffle it would be so easy for it to be overpowered if it was mainly a praline. The saltiness and coarseness would lead to an unappetising truffle. But here the very mild and somewhat earthy milk chocolate shell counters and compliments the more flavourful praline middle. This praline certainly isn’t the best I’ve tasted, but if we’re only looking at it in the context of satisfying non-connoisseurs then it does a good job.

After four or five of them I’m certainly getting the sweetness. But that’s mostly all there is when you’re consuming them on a chocolate-addict scale. For people whom may not consume many truffles, or just get given them at Christmas then they’re perfectly fine. They’re packaged well – the tissue paper certainly makes a difference, but the problem is that there just so many companies that sell truffles these days that I just don’t think they’ll stand out from the crowd – Prestat lovers won’t find anything to question their love-affair with the brand, but by the same token, people new to Prestat may not find them exciting enough to have further dalliances with them.

One issue that does puzzle me is that even though I was sent these buy Prestat’s PR company, I can’t find them in stock anywhere. Very strange.

Where To Buy Lindor These Praline Truffles


  • I was sent this product by Prestat’s representatives


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