Prestat Heart Of Chocolates

I bought this Heart Of Chocolates Valentines gift from Prestat for the non inconsiderable sum of £13.99. And seeing that 88% of people said they’d be buying their Valentine’s Chocolates at Prestat according to our poll as well as the fact that they’ve been appointed as Her Majesty The Queen’s Purvey of Chocolates, I would rightly expect a lot.

But when I opened up the box the contents didn’t have the “wow factor” that other chocolates I’ve reviewed have had. They just looked rammed in and uninspiring. The Love Sleekster from Hotel Chocolat was far more impressive.

I gave the fondant one first. It was ok, nothing more. Again I didn’t sit back and think “my God, this is amazing”. It was somewhere between the experience of the Cadbury selection boxes and that of Hotel Chocolat.

An annoying feature is that they’ll send you the menu of chocolates, but if you get the smaller box, as I did, you’ll get a list of chocolates that aren’t even in the box – very disappointing.

The Raspberry fondant isn’t too bad. The chocolate casing was pretty much a non-event and the raspberry filling a bit too sharp and sweet.

I did like the stem ginger one but it wasn’t the shape the menu said it would be. And the Saffron and Ginger Fudge wasn’t all that great. I’m going to stop now as I’m just getting a disappointment per mouthful.

  • Taste: 50% – average, uninspiring, disappointing
  • Texture: 60% – they’re ok, nothing special
  • Appearance: 70% – the attractive and colourful box was pretty, but the chocolates did look stuffed in.
  • Nutritional Information: 70% – the information was good, but difficult to read
  • Price: 50% – not worth the money
  • Overall: 60% – I so wanted them to be great after everyone saying how great Prestat was, but alas there’s plenty of other better chocolate makers out there.
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