Prestat Chocolates

Prestat Chocolates

Established in 1902, Prestat was first located in central London. The owner of the company, Antoine Dufour, named the business after his wife’s first cousin, Pierre Prestat. Early packaging of the company’s chocolate bears the name of P. Prestat. Two more shops were later opened in London and the business was turned over to Antoine’s son, Tony Dufour. Tony ran the business until the late 1950s. Financial difficulties led to the closing of two of the stores, and Tony eventually sold the company to two brothers, Neville and Maxwell Croft. Presently, William Keeling and Nick Crean, half-brothers, purchased Prestat in 1998 from Stanley Cohen, who was the third owner of the business. In 2003, Prestat was nominated as one of the top three chocolate shops in the world. The company’s exquisite chocolates are now sold in a number of leading stores throughout the world, including Selfridges, Harrods, Liberty & Company and John Lewis Partnership. Notable customers of Prestat chocolates include Princess Diana, Stephen Fry, Peter Mendelssohn, Sarah Bernhardt, Dame Peggy Ashcroft and Sir John Gielgud.

Choxi Bars

These exceptional chocoloate bars are actually said to be good for you! The chocolate bar is made from 100% natural chocolate that is rich in antioxidants, which help maintain cholesterol levels and blood pressure. The careful processing of this chocolate combined with its antixidant properties, make the delicious Choxi Bar a welcomed part of a well-balanced diet. Choxi Bars are available in the following flavours:

  • Milk Chocolate—This lucious milk chocolate bar will simply melt in your mouth.
  • Milk Chocolate with Orange—Creamy milk chocolate is infused with essential orange oils for a delicious combination.
  • Dark Chocolate—For those who prefer a more bitter chocolate, this 70% dark chocolate bar is ideal.
  • Dark Chocolate with Ginger—Ginger dances with a lucious dark chocolate for a purely inspiring experience.

Chocolate Assortments

  • Jewel Box—Available in 3, 16, 36 and 72 piece assortments, these boxed chocolate delights are suited to a variety of royal tastes. The 3 piece jewel box contains a raspberry fondant, a honey nougat and a chocolate-enrobed fudge. The larger jewel boxes contain a wide assortment of Prestat’s lucious milk, dark and white chocolate masterpieces.
  • Heart of Chocs—A beautiful heart shaped box featuring some of Prestat’s finest hand made delights. The box contains 26 individual chocolates in milk, white and dark.
  • The Mint Box—The perfect after dinner delight, these confections are perfect with a steaming cup of coffee. The collection includes peppermint creams, bitter mints, mint crisps and Prestat’s very own coffee mint

Other Chocolates

Prestat carries a large variety of other exquisite milk, dark and white chocolates. They have a large line of artisan truffles, organic chocolates and single origin chocolates as well.

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You can buy direct from the Prestat website.

Prestat Chocolate Shops

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