Czekolada Deserowa Prażone Ziarno Kakao

Czekolada Deserowa Prażone Ziarno Kakao

And now it’s time for my last bar from Poland and the Manufactura Czekolady chocolate company with their 70% Ghana bar with crushed cacao nibs. The others have been delightful in a rustic, non-commercialised sense. But that statement is a bit of contradiction given that Ghanaian cacao accounts for about 21% of the world’s production and only second to the Ivory Coast. You see, I disagree with Chloe Doutre-Roussel – I believe you can make exciting chocolate with Forastero. Of course it’s not generally not going to taste as smooth or fell as all-enveloping as Criollo, but there’s still the opportunity to have a very enjoyable chocolate experience with this “lower class” cacao.

This bar offers that rustic feel that I often crave. It’s very earthy with a coffee backdrop. But I know its dryness won’t be as pleasant to some as it is to me. There actually is a lot of flavour going on at the edges. It moves from pink champagne to chilli and back around again. The sugar aspect doesn’t kick in until 2/3 the way through the slow melt. It does turn into a gritty texture at the end like you’ve crushed some aspirin in your mouth, but that’s all part of this less organised approach to chocolate making.

At 70% I expected this bar to be a lot more bitter than it was, especially as on the reverse there are roasted cacao beans, but it was sweet. Part of me prefers this bar to the other, more intense bars they sent. And on reflection I’d give this bar a quick rating of 70%.

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