Pralus Tanzanie Dark Chocolate

I’m on a Pralus Chocolate Mission at the moment. After recently trying the Madagascar 75% Single Origin Dark Chocolate and in the past enjoying the Trinidad and Bresil creations, I was really looking to try this Pralus chocolate bar from Tazania.

And was I dissapointed? Hell no! It’s just another fantastic dark chocolate bar with a totally original flavour. The taste is a wierd combination of hazelnut, cider viniger and caramel. It has a beautiful sweetness to it that’s rounded instead of sharp like most cheap chocolate has. If you let the chocolate melt in your mouth a bit then you may also get a flavour of iced tea too. It’s a real marvel of a chocolate bar.

The texture also is exceptional. It melts wonderfully, filling every area of your mouth with sweet chocolate delight. Whilst the aroma reminds me of sweet cider. I can’t really get across how great this bar is.


Taste: 95% – the offensive, complex and delightful tones to this are well worth parting with a bit of cash for.

Texture: 95% – the melt was absolutely fantastic!

Appearance: 85% – their usual great packaging and mold with a silky smooth mold.

Nutritional: 60% – I’m not too worried about this.

Price: 80% – I know its £3.95 but its worth every penny!

Overall: 83% – you’ve got to try it!

You can get it from Amazon.

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