Pralus Indonesie 75% Cocoa Single Origin Dark Chocolate Bar

Pralus Indonesie 75% Cocoa Single Origin Dark Chocolate Bar

I’ve had this Pralus Indonesie 75% dark chocolate bar to review for quite a while but I’ve kept pushing it back down the reviews queue as I’ve just had some really fascinating stuff come through recently that I just had to try those first. I’ve tried three other Pralus bars so far including the Tanzanie, Trinidad and the Bresil and have absolutely loved all them with each either getting ratings of 80-84% or 85-89%. But now it’s time for a bar made with cocoa from the other side of the world.

This bar has the same branding and packaging style of the others with the thick and semi-rustic paper giving it a more natural feel. This time the dominant colour is orange, but with all of them you’ll get the feeling that this is a make of chocolate that should be respected.

Pralus Indonesie 75% Cocoa Single Origin Dark Chocolate Bar

The bar itself has a wonderful dark brown flavour with a slightly matted shine compared to the other Pralus I’ve tried. But as you open the most prominent characteristic is the aroma which is slightly earthy but fruity with a delicate acidity. This sharpness isn’t anywhere near as overwhelming as many of the other Pralus bars, this one is more delicate. Not until you break off a piece and test the aroma does it become more obvious and even then there’s no force behind it.

Pralus Indonesie 75% Cocoa Single Origin Dark Chocolate Bar

The texture is fantastic. There’s a very good snap that is definite but yet meek, there’s certainly nothing robust about this bar. As you break it up in your mouth the chocolate is a touch dry but does hold together very well which gives it a very healthy melt length. If you looked at the crystal formation too, they’re very small and very tight together. I noticed only a handful of bubbles which would indicate a perfect viscosity and temperature whilst setting.

There is an inherent bitterness to the flavour. But it’s nothing over the top, but there is one note that does push through and that’s of liquorice. This was my abiding memory from the first time I tried it and it’s still prominent at my third or fourth visit to the bar. But on this tasting there’s a sort of walnut edge to it which morphs into an orange peel flat edge to the taste. It’s easy to imagine the little shots of orangey droplets firing off this bar. Even after a good few minutes after finishing some of the chocolate you can still taste the oranginess.

I did enjoy the chocolate but felt the tack-sharp bitterness at the end a touch off-putting. I’d much prefer it to be either bold in that department or mellow through-out. It still is an intriguing bar of dark chocolate, but I don’t know if I prefer it when comparing this creation from Indonesia to the other Pralus bars.

  • Taste: 78% – it did have a very good dark chocolate taste with flavours that you wouldn’t often get in dark chocolate, but it was just missing the ‘X’ factor.
  • Texture: 85% – the bar did have an exceptional texture, but it still missed that feeling of completeness as it melted
  • Appearance: 75% – the Pralus bars do still look fantastic. But after getting the bars from Patrick Roger, Beschle and Jean Paul Hevin then they don’t appear to be up to that standard.
  • Nutritional Information: 70% – there is a handy amount of information and a story. Nothing out of this world, but still more than most.
  • Price: 75% – at £4.25 it’s not cheap, but still less than half the price of the Amano Chuao and certainly on a par with it
  • Overall: 76.6% – a very good bar of dark chocolate, but not my favourite


Nutritional Information:
  • Ingredients: cocoa, sugar, pure cocoa butter, GMO-free soya lecithin.
  • Minimum cocoa solids: 75%

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