Pralus Caracas 75%

Establishing the origins of this Pralus Caracas 75% bar is like watching an episode of Who Do You Think They Are? – I don’t know if you’re like me, but I try and work out the person’s heritage just by looking at them? Thankfully I know more about chocolate than I do most celebrities – but that doesn’t help too much when it comes to the ‘breeding’ of this bar. The front of the packaging follow the usual Pralus trend of putting the name of the closes city or country of origin and the co-ordinates on the front and following that logic we can see that this cacao comes from the vicinity of Santa Lucia which is to the south east of Caracas – as well as from some un-named source in Ghana (but the packaging won’t tell you that).

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The confusion comes from the fact that on the reverse it looked like there was specific information about the origin of the bar – mentioning São Tomé, Madagascar, Brazil and Venezuela itself. Putting my rapidly diminishing brain cells to good use, I deduced that that commentary was a generic one to represent that they now own their own plantation on the island of Nosy Be. Why couldn’t he of just put some engaging tasting notes on instead? However, what is there to say about this bar in all reality?

In the past I’ve just loved what Pralus have done. But I’m actually in two minds with this bar. The texture feels much more rustic – reminiscent of the first retail batch from Go*Do. If you appreciate your chocolate as smooth as silk and shy away from chocolate that is coarse then I suspect you wouldn’t find this bar to your liking. I actually like the texture as it’s a step away from what I usually find with Pralus. It just has that earthy touch to it that I seem to have picked up with Ghanaian cacao in the past.

The flavour is incredibly mild too. I know it’s about three months past its BBE date, but that shouldn’t really affect it. The flavours that do seem to dominate is that of that of gooseberry and, strangely, vanilla. There is a complete lack of any form of acidity – despite being a touch fruity. You really couldn’t get much further away from the initial  flavour the Valrhona Tainori 64% gives.

Having a love-affair with Pralus chocolate cannot hinder my review of this bar as it just fell short of what they’ve produced in the past. This bar is one of compromises, and it shows.

Quick Rating:
  • 62% – far from the usual Pralus standard


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