Plush Handcrafted Santa

I tasted one of these earlier in the year but can’t find the review now, but what I do know is that I thought they were fantastic. This Plush Handcrafted Santa with Fairtrade Milk Chocolates from Ethical Superstore would make a fantastic ethical stocking filler, let alone chocolate one.

The Santa casing is made of papier-mache by people in Africa so it gives them work and helps sustain their communities. It’s a great Christmas gift that gives back to those less fortunate than ourselves and helps them provide the basic needs for their families.

The chocolates inside are actually very nice indeed. Often I find chocolate buttons to be too sweet, but these are nice and mild, with a quality, truffle-type texture that I find with Booja Booja Truffles – of course you get chocolate buttons in this instance.

You’ll also get a gift tag so you don’t have to wrap it. And why would you want to when it looks so fantastic!

Some may baulk at the price. But you’re buying not only chocolate, and a wonderful shell which will last for years, but you’re also helping communities. I’d definitely buy another from Ethical Superstore for £9.99.

Quick Rating: 90% – They look fantastic, they’re for a good cause and taste delicious!

Lee McCoy

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