Testing The Plantic Compostable M&S Chocolate Tray

So here goes. The chocolate was terrible. But what about the plantic tray that held the chocolates? It was supposed to disappear if placed in water? Well I thought I’d take photos of it as I knew thought it wouldn’t occur quickly. Here’s what the process looked like.

30 seconds
Plantic 30 Secondsliterarily within 30 seconds of placing it on the warm water it started to disintegrate. Cool stuff!

45 seconds
Fairly large holes are starting to appear.

2 minutes
Plantic 2 MinutesIt’s starting to really break apart now. It feels like seaweed as well.

4 minutes
Plantic 4 MinutesBits are breaking off, but there’s still good structure to it.

8 minutes
Plantic 8 MinutesIt now starts to break apart as I lift pieces out.

10 minutes
Plantic 10 Minutes
It’s just truned into brown seaweed now. The shape of the chocolate tray has gone and you can start to see the surface of the plantic degrade.

1 Hour
Well there’s not change really. I’ll leave over-night and see what happens.

Lee McCoy

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