Plamil Chocolate

Plamil is a Private Limited Company started in the 1960’s as the company Plant Milk. They soon changed their name to Plamil Foods and introduced the first British-made alternative to dairy milk. This soya milk was produced entirely from plants. Plamil also became the first UK company to produce organic chocolate. As it was from the beginning, Plamil stresses ethics, nutrition and the environment in the manufacturing of all their products.

Plamil Chocolate

The cacao beans used in the production of their organic chocolate are purchased from the Dominican Republic through a fair trade arrangement and no animal products are used. Setting high standards in the production of their organic quality products, Plamil offers a large range of delicious organic chocolates including luxury mini chocolate bars, carob bars and “free from” products. Some of the more exotic organic ingredients used in the creation of their luxury chocolate products include shelled hemp seeds, ginger oil, cayenne and orange oil. Plamil’s organic, sugar-free, dairy-free and gluten-free chocolate creations are ideal for those suffering from allergic reactions. Additionally, their chocolate creations are now produced in a facility that does not use nuts in the manufacturing of the products, making them suitable for those with peanut allergies.

Plamil Products

Plamil’s wide range of award winning organic chocolate products includes chocolate spread, luxury chocolate bars, carob bars and dairy free, no added sugar, organic chocolate. Their chocolate includes dairy free plain, orange and mint. In addition to Plamil’s chocolate bars and other products, they also manufacture Chocolate Drop Snack Pots. These delightful bite size chocolate creations are great for snacking, baking or cooking.

Plamil Chocolate Bars

  • Fair-trade Chocolate—This is not just a bar created from Fair-trade chocolate, it is manufactured with only the finest in organic ingredients and produces a creamy milk chocolate taste without using dairy products.
  • Luxurious 87% Dark Cocoa Chocolate—A luxuriously rich dark chocolate produced from all organic ingredients. This bar has a strong chocolate flavour with minimal sweetness.
  • Organic 60%–Plamil’s organic 60% bars are available in plain, orange, mint and ginger.
  • Organic Cayenne Bar—This 70% dark chocolate bar combines the richness of dark chocolate with the spice of hot cayenne pepper for a taste sensation that really pops.

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