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Made from only the finest cacao beans harvested from chocolate plantations in Venezuela, Ecuador, Madagascar and Mexico, Pierre Marcolini chocolates are simple and elegant, many displaying nothing more than the signature name on them. Pierre stands by the phrase, “less is more,” and lets the outstanding quality and exquisite taste of his chocolate speak for itself.

Update: Check out the review of his fantastic selection box.

Marcolini creates more than 60 delicious varieties of bonbons with a variety of exotic flavours and bouquets. These exquisite bonbon flavours include:

  • Baies Roses – Moroccan pink pepper berries in a bitter ganache.
  • Au Citron – fresh lemon and zesty lime with an infusion of bergamot.
  • Caraibe Grand Cru – Bitter 72% ganache combined with vanilla pods.

In addition to his delicious single origin chocolate bars, bonbons, truffles and pralines, Pierre Marcolini’s specialty is Calin Fondant, almond flour crisps with caramel and vanilla covered in creamy chocolate. Marcolini also creates a number of beautiful gift assortments and seasonal collections. Included in his Ephemeral Winter Collection are mouth-watering flavours such as chestnut and nutmeg, cinnamon and apple, blackberry and Szechuan pepper, pear and oak, and melon and pear. The Ephemeral Summer Collection includes such exquisite flavours as basil and olive oil enrobed in a rich white chocolate. All of Marcolini’s assortments and chocolate collections are elegantly packaged in beautiful black boxes designed by the Belgian luxury leather designer Delvaux.

Pierre Marcolini Truffles

Pierre Marcolini’s truffles collection is simply too good not to mention. Some of the delightful creations in Marcolini’s European truffle selection include:

  • Truffe du Jour – A chocolate ganache rolled generously in a fine cocoa powder.
  • Truffe Brésilienne – A Caraibe ganache in an almond praline dipped in creamy milk chocolate and rolled in caramelised almonds.
  • Truffe Whisky – A milk and dark chocolate combined with Glenmorangie single malt Scotch rolled generously in powdered cocoa.
  • Truffe Champagne – A milk chocolate centre infused with Saint Martin D’Ablois Champaign enrobed in creamy chocolate and coated in powdered sugar.
  • Truffe Verveine – A dark chocolate centre combined with lemon verbena.
  • Truffe Tonka – A creamy caramel centre combined with spicy vanilla from the South American Tonka bean and sprinkled with roasted cocoa nibs.

Pierre Marconlini Online

  • Official Site – uses flash so you won’t be able to see it on an iPhone or iPad. Available in French, English, Dutch, Italian, Japanese and Russian.
  • Facebook – his group on Facebook.
  • Twitter

Pierre Marcolini Shops In The UK

Pierre used to have a shop in Kensington at 6 Lancer Square, but he closed it down a couple of years ago – much to my annoyance.

Pierre Marcolini Shops Abroad

Pierre Marcoloni Shop In Brussels

His flagship store can be found at Rue Des Minimes 1 1000 Brussels Belgium T +32 2 5141206

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Pierre Marconlini Videos

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Pierre Marcolini Reviews

Seeing as he’s closed down his London chocolate boutique and you can’t order online, the only option is to visit his shop in Brussels to get hold of some of his chocolates to review. I just haven’t found time yet to do so. So I’ve not reviewed any so far.

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